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why do i mention the solar system?

cause you in my soul and system.

4 July 1984
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nadia nicole • twenty-something • infamously always single • comes from the land
down-under • works hard and plays harder • loves her dog more than most people • would rather
be in style than in fashion • never leaves the house without her iphone • travels at any
opportunity • always surrounded by music and never judges it by genre • has an insane weakness
for sugar-free red bull • lives for summer and lives in her uggs in winter • truly believes
kelly clarkson speaks straight to her heart • is very girly yet quite vicious at football
matches • kisses the clock at 11:11 • truly believes that la vie est belle,
life is beautiful, friends ♥

for your entertainment; _brokeandfamous

get a dictionary and understand personal; it ain’t hard.

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i'm able to make you some personal graphics for a small cost; if you're interested email me.
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